Partnering with you to make empowering choices for success in your business, career and personal life.


Individual Coaching: business, career and personal

Training and Workshops

Team/Employee Engagement



Individual Coaching: for business, career and personal:

You are unique, whole and an expert of your own life. You have ALL the resources  you need to achieve your desired outcome, maximize productive behavior, and create powerful beliefs.  It is not about fixing but empowering you to take action for your choices and healing.  Are you ready for new and empowering choices?

Together we will:

  • Articulate your desired goals and outcomes
  • Identify and develop your areas of greatest strength
  • Determine your barriers and areas for improvement
  • Maximize resources and support
  • Empower your choices, beliefs, habits and disciplines
  • Develop success strategies with a weekly plan of action
  • Create accountability to drive implementation and follow through


Training and Workshops:

Groups or businesses wanting to structure a workshop to fit their specific needs can contact me to discuss options. Does your company have training needs?



Teams go through various developmental stages of forming, storming, norming/ performing and transforming. The sequence is universal but the time in each stage depends upon the individual group dynamics. Identification of your team's stage and knowledge of the individual strengths and growth opportunities can help your team move forward with engagement and productivity. Does your team need strengthening?



Assessments help individuals and team members discover strengths and challenges and how best to relate personally and professionally to themselves and others. The DISC assessment is our most popular assessment. DISC is a behavior assessment tool based on four different behavioral traits, which are called: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Do you want to discover more about yourself or employees?


Assessments can:

  • Improve personal and workplace communication
  • Develop more effective and productive teams
  • Discover who you are like and who you aren't like
  • Reduce conflict and avoid misunderstandings




Coaching Sessions:

Multiple-session packages and individual sessions are available. Sessions vary from 1.5-2 hours in length.


Fees: Contact me for fees.


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